Legends Square Retail

Grambling, Louisiana

In February 2016, HRV invested $5,880,000 to Legends Square retail development and grocery store in Grambling, Louisiana. The city partnered with Kimble Development Partners and Grambling State¬†University (GSU) on the construction of the city’s first grocery store, which offers affordable, fresh food alternatives for residents of the low-income, rural area.

Legends Square is a 48,000 square foot multi-tenant retail center and 25,000 square foot grocery store, built with 2,000 square feet of public space honoring GSU greats. The project greatly benefits not only the city but also the 4,150 students who are regularly bussed to the next train to purchase groceries.

The community impact of this project is significant, given that the unemployment rate of Grambling is 3.5 times higher than the national average. Construction workers were hired from the local population in addition to the 100 new permanent full-time positions created by the project.

In addition to the employment opportunities provided by this NMTC project health food options.

Investment Amount:

$5,880,000 Return to all