The HRV Team

Jennifer Donohue

Jennifer Donohue, currently Chief Executive Officer of HRV, worked as the Operations and Compliance Director of HRV for four years before she became the COO in 2015.  She manages the HRV portfolio of NMTC projects for both compliance and risk management.  She also maintains the CDE’s compliance with its investors, and both the IRS Section 45(d)… Read more »

Elizabeth Leathers

Elizabeth Leathers joined the HRV team in 2018 and is responsible for structuring the internal organization processes and infrastructure for NMTC compliance, as well as for the management and oversight of the regulatory, financial and program compliance for HRV’s closed investments and/or investor relationships in a portfolio of multiple NMTC allocations. Formerly a Real Estate… Read more »

John Kownack

With expertise in leading inter-disciplinary teams charged with the transformation of the physical and social environment within Norfolk’s assisted housing communities to sustainable, mixed-income neighborhoods, John Kownack has over 30 years of experience in the community development industry.  Prior to his present assignment, John was responsible for compliance and plan development for the Norfolk’s Redevelopment… Read more »

Rinithia Clemons

Rinithia Clemons has been a vital part of the HRV team since 2010.  Formerly an administrative and marketing specialist with the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Rinithia has extensive knowledge and expertise in overseeing complex data collection, compilation and entry. Rinithia assists Jennifer with coordinating and recording debt service payments from the QALICBs in HRV’s portfolio,… Read more »