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Founded in 2003, Hampton Roads Ventures (HRV) is a national Community Development Entity committed to attracting private investment capital into innovative economic community development projects primarily in severely distressed and rural areas.  Utilizing New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) funding, HRV focuses on supporting, growing and sustaining healthy rural communities and providing low-income residents with access to quality jobs; affordable, nutritious food; and comprehensive healthcare and wellness services. Working closely with local businesses and community leaders they identify investment opportunities that will serve as a catalyst for additional private sector investment and development.

Since 2009, HRV has focused on investing in rural communities where low-income residents face significant challenges in accessing job opportunities, healthy food options and affordable medical care.  Staffed by experienced community economic development professionals, HRV is extremely sensitive to the unique opportunities, challenges and constraints these underserved communities face.

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· $15 Million, Round I (2002)
· $35 Million, Round III (2005)
· $50 Million, Round V (2007)
· $60 Million, Round VII (2009)
· $45 Million, Round X (2012)
· $55 Million, Round XII (2014)


· Neimann Foods | Decatur, IL
· Children’s Medical Center | Dallas, TX
· Vulcan Aluminum | Foley, AL
· Marriott Springhill | Norfolk, VA
· Legends Square Retail | Grambling, LA
· Express Grains Terminal | Greenwood, MS

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